About Our Shop

 Lindemann’s was opened in January 2011 by Vermont native Jenna Lindemann. In her freshman year of High School, Jenna was given the opportunity to learn how to sew. From there, she took to the skies with. Learning making clothes was not her niche, she found handbags came a little more natural to her. Working on everything from Leather to learning how to quilt her own fabric, Jenna soon found a design that she was proud of and expressed who she really was. Deciding to take some time off from school, Jenna decided to follow her love of handbags by starting her own business. Jenna took a couple months to work on creating her intial line of bags before using Godaddy to open a website that she could sell her bags off of. From there Jenna used local farmers markets and craft shows to expand her market and show her bags to a bigger market. In October of 2012, Jenna was given the opportunity to have a bag in London’s British Vogue. The Purple Animal Velvet Purse was placed among several high end designers in the magazine. In November of 2012, Gina Bullard, gave Jenna the opportunity to be featured on WCAX’s Made in Vermont segment. Jenna is currently working hard expanding her collection of bags to wristlets, iPad mini covers and more.    


If you saw a bag or accessory at a craft show or makert and would like to purchase it, give us a call at 802-338-7299